I'm back!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

I can't believe I've absent from my blog for so long! And thank you for all of your lovely comments, they meant so much.

To cut a long story short, I haven't been well recently so over the last few months I've been working part-time and have generally been trying to treat myself with a bit more TLC. More relaxing, more time with family and friends, taking things at a slower pace, and it seems to be working thank God! So now seems the perfect time to dip back into blogging. The odd post here and there. I reeeeally missed it. But I think I missed the connections that I've formed through my blog the most. Can't wait to catch up on my favourite blogs out there!

I wanted to quickly post about this beautiful Ollie & Nic Satchel. I'm officially in love. But I'm also officially saving up for a new bathroom (bah), so I thought I'd share instead of buy this lovely find.

Did I mention it's called Florence? Makes it even cuter, right?

Update: woo hoo, the boy just bought it for me! Feeling very spoilt.


  1. So happy you're back Louise! I've missed you! (I even would check your blog just in case you re-posted.) Glad you're feeling better - definitely happy you're treating yourself, I wish we could all give ourselves some more TLC! Anywho, love the bag, and looking forward to seeing more lovely posts of yours! :)

  2. Brilliant - love that he bought it for you! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Welcome back! Love that bag, and what a lovely man u have! ;)

  4. i am so glad you are back! you have been missed!


  5. Hey, you're back! Hope you are feeling better. I've been checking too. Lx

  6. So glad you're back! I'm glad you were smart enough to take a break when you needed it, and that you're feeling better now. Looking forward to all kinds of Glitterball goodness!