What Bank Holidays are made for...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! Here are a few highlights from our rather laidback few days that, now I'm writing this, seemed to consist mainly of food and shopping...

We finally got around to trying Homeslice in Neal's Yard and it completely lived up to the hype. After briefly debating about whether to get one slice each, we ended up going for the 20" pizza (ahem...), with the rocket and parmesan on one half and mushroom on the other. Absolutely delicious. Definitely worth a visit.

I came across this beauty in Urban Outfitters for the ridiculously low price of £25 so I snapped it up to replace the rather battered old Ikea paper lampshade that was in our hallway. I'm a little disappointed that I can already see a little of the copper paint coming off but it's in such a tiny corner and to be honest, is so high up that I think we can get away with it.

I also popped into Cos in Covent Garden and picked up quite a few items there. This jacket which suits me far better than the bomber jackets I'd tried on and this beautiful pink jumper (which must have been inspired by this post as it's my first item of pink clothing in my wardrobe). It goes perfectly with boyfriend jeans. And a lovely soft grey tee that annoyingly I can't find on their site but if you pop into the Covent Garden store soon you'll find it right by the main door!

As is the norm at weekends, I baked. This time I went for Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cake and let me tell you, this is amazing. I'm trying to forget the scary amount of butter and sugar that went into this as we have already got through half in *let me check...* less than 12 hours but that is just testament to how moreish this is. I ended up splitting the mixture into two cake tins and sandwiched them together with the cream cheese topping. Lovely.

I hope you enjoyed that extra day. Don't you just love May and the two Bank Holidays we get?!


  1. it seems to me like you made excellent use of your free time!

    1. If only every weekend could be a 3 dayer!