Chanel Iman for H&M

Saturday, 21 November 2009

{Necklace £12.99, Braclet set (6 per set) £4.99}

Here is Chanel Iman looking ridiculously gorgeous modelling for H&M in their latest magazine.

She's not the only reason why I love this though. I adore the way that they have laden the pearls on so that she's literally dripping in them.

I've seen the braclets in the picture above in the store and resisted buying them as I wasn't sure if they looked too cheap. Now I realise that the key is to buy a load and layer them on up the arms. How amazing would this styling look with a simple black dress for Christmas parties?

{Feather headpiece £7.99, flower £3.99, necklace £7.99}

A real vintage inspired look. £7.99 for the necklace? Its mine...

{Chain braclet £3.99, solid gold bangle (set of 9) £5.99}

Again, above and below, mounds of braclets with simple black = stunning

{Hat £4.99, braclet (double strand) £7.99, braclet (single strand) £5.99}

All images by H&M

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