White bedrooms

Monday, 12 April 2010

After flirting with light blue, we've finally decided to go for clean white walls in our bedroom - mainly due to these pictures which have been inspiring me with just how calm, refreshing and light all the rooms look!

So pleased that we've made a decision - going to be a fun summer project! (Ah I say that now - I bet I'll be singing a very different tune two, no maybe, one hour in!)

Images via Apartment Therapy & Design is Mine


  1. i love the heart photo collage :)


  2. I've been having the same dilemma. Our bedroom Walls were painted deep red when we moved in but I've grown to like the cosyness, but then bright & White would transform the room! To paint or not to paint?! X

  3. So excited to hear more! Bedrooms are the most relaxing places to be, I'm thrilled you're making yours super lovely!

  4. Our bedroom walls are a super light grayish-blue. It's like sleeping in a cloud. The rest of our room is mostly whites and creams...but it stays interesting because of all textures. I love the photos you posted! I have some of the same ones in my inspiration folder :)

  5. I love white! I bet it will look great. That reminds me of the time I thought it would be really easy to paint my ceiling with a roller...I changed my mind after about 5 seconds. Good luck!