Monday, 25 October 2010

What a gorgeous home. And I love that kitchen. That is the dream!

In other news, I am absolutely shattered. We had a huge marketing project last week and ended up working through the night up to the 9am launch. I've felt jet lagged all weekend. Lots of baking and vintage shopping has helped me get through it though ;) Hope you all had a great weekend xx

Images via Dos Family


  1. Since I'm currently looking for a new apartment I'm also interested in interior decorations. This house looks beautiful, especially the kitchen as you said. I know mine won't be that great now but in a couple of years I dream to live in the perfect house for me.. :)


  2. that is totally my kind of kitchen - wood floors,'s perfect!
    and i finished the book....sigh. i'm glad it didn't have a dramatic sad ending - it kind of just...ended. although, it was all a bit depressing - i wished for recognition for him! still - it is now one of my favorite books ever and i'm making everyone i know read it :)

  3. wow, that kitchen is exactly what we want to do with ours... in terms of layout.
    love it x

  4. I love that kitchen too. I have a shoebox kitchen. One that size would be just right.
    My dream house would have lovely light floors like these. I have wooden floors but they're much darker and with an orangey tinge. They drive me mad, especially as they're the one thing I can't really change.
    Oooh and I just noticed that under the window radiator. I love those. Proper radiators are something I really miss about the UK!
    evie x

  5. Love this! I really adore how you can just TELL that it's all one home - the style is so consistently chic and homey. And the space looks HUGE, how jealous I am!