You've been pretty good to me 2010...

Friday, 31 December 2010

In the past 12 months, I...
  • visited Paris with my Mum & fell more head over heels in love with the place. Didn't think that was possible
  • finally went to Mildreds, the vegetarian restaurant in Soho that I was dying to try. It was amazing. We just ate starters & pudding. My favourites
  • got obsessed with Mad Men. Again
  • went to Winter Wonderland with Innu. Becoming our little annual Christmas tradition
  • got very excited that my best friend was pregnant*
  • gave into peer pressure & read "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" books. Didn't expect to like them. Did
  • got a new job with my boss of 4 years ago - & had such fun working with him again
  • went to All Star Lanes with the family for my birthday & realised that I am awful at bowling but love it anyway
  • hung out loads with the coolest kid ever, aka my nephew Joe
  • went to the wedding of one of my closest friends & saw her marrying the love of her life
  • saw Placebo at Brixton Academy. Only knew about 2 songs - but they were amazing live
  • decided to take my love of baking more seriously - exciting plans for 2011, hopefully with one of my good friends!
  • bought our first Christmas tree since moving in with the OH
  • discovered Indian restaurant Tayyabs. There's a reason why there are queues out of the door for that place. I'll be dragging the OH there in the NY
But although 2010 has been a pretty good year, I cannot wait for 2011. So many things I want to experience, places I want to explore, ambitions to be met!

And a huge thank you for reading & commenting on my blog. I love reading your little messages. Hope you all have a fun night out - & happy 2011! - Louise x

*she gave birth yesterday to a little baby girl!


  1. Happy New Year Louise! Cheers to 2011! xo Samantha

  2. This is a lovely list! So happy you accomplished/enjoyed so many things. The travels sound amazing! And so do hanging out with the cute kiddos. :)