Greta's home

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I pretty much want to jump into Greta's home. I love everything about it - the colours, the fact that it is so homely & don't get me even started on that kitchen. That is the dream.

At the moment my brain's pretty much preoccupied about working with a friend on a new project. I'm excited but also a little nervous... It's always risky working with a friend, but we lived together for 2 years so at least we know each other inside out. It's a fun project though so once it gets going I'll be sure to let you know!

Hope you have a lovely week - Louise x


  1. Greta's home is so wonderfully charming! Thank you for sharing such fabulous inspiration. Being an avid crocheter, her afghans especially caught my eye. ;-)

  2. Gorgeous! I really want one of those blankets.

  3. can i have greta's house please? that is how i want my house to look like!


  4. I love her sewing kits stuffed in a briefcase theme! I think it's super awesome!