Romantic Moderns

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I thought it would be nice to share a book that I'm reading - and absolutely loving - at the moment. If you like the whole 1930s/40s period then you have to get this book. Firstly, it's beautiful & as fickle as that sounds, a beautiful book is something to be treasured. The text is broken up with lots of images from books, architecture, paintings... It really brings the words to life. Secondly, it spans literature, architecture, art... So many topics & written about in such an accessible way.

If you invest, let me know! - Louise x


  1. Ah, so great to see this book on here! I read this over Christmas and completely loved the way it drew together lots of different strands from the period, in ways I hadn't have ever previously considered. The chapter on food was utterly fascinating. And it looks beautiful too - oh those endpapers! (can you tell I enjoyed the book too?!)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, this book looks interesting and beautiful and luckily I've been able to reserve it at the library. I'm in a queue but hopefully I won't have to long to wait!!!