Le bun

Monday, 22 February 2010

For the first time, I actually have hair that falls past my shoulders (thank goodness for straighteners). The one hairstyle that I have always wanted to try is the bun. Is there any hairstyle more chic?

These photographs have been inspiring my attempts so far (mixed attempts I must say - it's not as effortless as it looks with my hair!!)

Images via We heart it and Stockholm Streetstyle


  1. Beautiful bun! I am growing out a mistake of a haircut and just reached bun length as well - thank goodness!

  2. Love wearing my hair in a loose bun, then sticking bobby pins in it to keep it up, so I don't need to use hairspray.

    Love the last image, my ideal hair!


  3. Lovely, although I dread to think what bun/hat hair would look like... I might put of my attempts until the warmer weather. Lx

  4. I always wanted to try having two skinny braids at the crown of my head, a la Lauren Conrad. Unfortunately, I always had short bangs! But now they're growing out, so I think I'll try them :)