Why do holidays have to whizz past so quickly?

Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm already missing...

Feeling the sunshine on my face

Leaning precariously over the balcony to see our "sea view"
(he he)

The croissants, oh yes, the croissants

Bright blue skies

Searching for treasures in the local second hand store
(this time I found a bike with basket, a piano and a side board we desperately need for our hallway! Why can't I find these things in London for the same price?!)

Losing track of the number of espressos we would drink in a day

Waking up to the sunlight filtering through the shutters

Long chats with my mum in the evening over glasses of wine, bread and pate

Image via Splitroads


  1. mmm that sounds lovely. I can't wait for my next holiday myself:) I just need to sleep! Happy weekending:)x LZ

  2. That sounds like a wonderful holiday. Love the photo. Lx

  3. You went to the South of France, right? I'm so excited to hear more!