Beautifully white

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My poor boyfriend has me nagging him to move out to the countryside. It's not that I don't love London. I really do, but whenever I head back to visit my parents and see the miles of green fields and open space I just feel more alive somehow. Sign of getting older maybe?!

What do you guys prefer - the city or the country?

I would love to live a cute cottage. I'm quite sure that there is no way I could keep such a white place clean (I've already managed to spill a cup of coffee on our new cream rug!) but this place really is so beautiful.

All images from Country Living


  1. The key is to have a huuuuge space in the city -- room enough to decorate the place like a country cottage! Oh, one day...

  2. This is gorgeous!!

    I am a city girl.....I love the country and could definitely do week-ends there but I need street-lights!!

    We go to our family house in Italy in the summer, it's in the middle of nowhere, you barely see a car and at 8pm it is pitch black....I love it and really appreciate it but am always ready to come home.

    Hope your new job is going well :)