Monday, 8 March 2010

The lovely Helen from Helen Hearts (have you checked out her blog? If not, please do - such great posts) tagged me to share one of my bags and lay bare the contents, so here we go!

My rather battered satchel that I just can't let go of!

Clockwise from left: Filofax as I'm determined to be more organised this year, mag stolen from my Dad's Saturday Times (sorry Dad), keys, Vaseline (love their little pots), Touche Éclat for those dark circles, red lippie, trusty Oyster card and finally my beloved ipod

So I now tag the following lovely ladies! So keen to know what treasures you keep in your bags!

B from A pretty place to play
Lucinda from LuliBags
Caroline from Patchwork Hamony


  1. oh wow....its going to be quite the list from my massive bag!


  2. Louise, what a lovely bag! It's such a staple. And your sound ever so British in this post, love! :)