My favourite healthy pancake recipe

Monday, 16 February 2015

We’re coming up to Shrove Tuesday!!! I love pancakes. Looooove them. So I embrace this day with a lot of enthusiasm.

As I mentioned here, at the start of the year I decided to focus more on my health. No fad diets or strict rules; I just wanted to make sure that I was eating more meals that nourished me and made me feel good.

So I quite liked the challenge of trying to find a pancake recipe that would be filled with lots of healthy ingredients, would taste good (I still wanted it to feel like a treat) but wouldn't make me fall into a food coma 10 minutes later.

I didn’t hold out much hope to be honest, but Jenny from Healthy Crush came to my rescue (I love that girl - and hold her more than partly to blame for my move to healthier eating!)

This paleo recipe has just three ingredients: eggs, banana and almond butter. That’s it. You can get the recipe here.

They are delicious and AND ridiculously quick and easy to make. I personally like to serve them with maple syrup and berries. Yum. It definitely made me realise that there are recipes out there that make healthy eating taste so good.

P.S. Fun fact for you: did you know that the reason we eat pancakes isn’t just to use up the rich foods before Lent? The round pancakes were originally meant to symbolise the sun and by eating them, we would receive the sun’s light and power. How lovely is that :)


  1. i didn't know your fun fact--nice piece of trivia! i never need an excuse to eat pancakes though. :)

  2. Me neither ;) Absolutely love them!