Best of the street

Friday, 5 November 2010

I’m loving the first lady’s beautiful deep red cardigan that she’s thrown over her shoulders. If I tried to recreate that, you can bet your bottom dollar that it would be slipping off my shoulders within 2 minutes! I guess some people are literally designed for fashion. And isn’t it lovely to see someone in colour. In autumn I quite miss the flashes of colour from the clothing that people wear in summer and spring.

Hope you all have an extra special weekend. What are your plans? I’m off to our local fireworks display tonight with the OH, hopefully with a nice big mug of tomato soup. I’m praying it doesn’t rain.

Photos from Stockholm StreetStyle & Vanessa Jackman


  1. Aww have fun at the fireworks! I do love that cardigan, I love the color especially. I'm off to a fair tomorrow!

  2. I love that second picture. It's a dress/top that most people would pass up on the hanger for maybe looking too bright and childish maybe but on her it couldn't be more perfect. I too love seeing people dressing up in colour round and about - it definitely makes you feel a bit happier.

    We're well on or way to summer so it's not dark until past 8. I miss a good dark & cold English Guy Fawkes. You'll need that big cardi! hehe