Happy Monday!

Monday, 8 November 2010

What isn't to like about this apartment? The furniture lends it so much character. And I have real radiator envy (see top pic). *Oh dear, that really is a sign of impending middle age...*

I'm off to Manchester for the week to shop to work so blog posts will be few and far between I'm afraid. But I am going to try to schedule a few in (wish me luck with that!) so if all goes to plan, there won't be complete silence from me this week!

Photos via The Seventy Tree


  1. What happened to the Australian Vogue post? Was going to say that I was mentally checking what I do/do not have in the 4 pictures you showed.

    I think I could be happy in an apartment like the one you showcased above. Everything is so bright and impeccable. *looks around her own dull, messy room in dismay*

  2. have an awesome time in manchester!


  3. Oooh enjoy Manchester! I love the radiator too - such a wonderfully chic domestic object... very 60's which itself is a fashionable decade ;)