My picks from Kate Moss' final Topshop collection

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I've only ever owned one Kate Moss piece - the pansy print dress which is now re-released as an iconic piece - and to be fair, I did love that dress. Sadly it didn't last a slight weight gain a few years ago (due to too many work trips to NY). The poor love tore under the pressure inflicted by my frequent diner visits and mexican take outs (completely worth it by the way...)

But since then, I haven't found anything that's really caught my eye... It's all been very pretty and I've seen many a girl looking stunning in the clothes, but I've found that in general the cut doesn't really flatter my shape (UK size 12).

Seeing as it's Kate Moss' last collection with Topshop, I really hoped to find something wow. Nothing has really blown me away, but I do like this embroidered tea dress...

the star necklace...

and this circular cocktail ring.

I'm probably the most tempted by the ring, although £30 is pretty steep (but if it doesn't turn my finger greeen, £30 is fine and dandy).

Have you checked out the collection yet? I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. I love that star necklace so much!
    You entered the vintage handbag giveaway , yes?

  2. I love that embroidered dress too, but don't know if i'd look too 'milk maid' in it. It's on my 'maybe' list. I like lots of the Kate Moss stuff, but like you think a lot of it is best suited to the Kate Moss' amongst us perhaps :-s

  3. I think i like the scatter stud dress and the paisley godet dress. Both look like they have a flattering shape on bodies. I haven't really found any favourites from the Kate Moss collection but I adore the Celia Birtwell for Topshop collection, only maybe because they were hugely inspired by Ossie Clark whom i adore.

  4. ok so I'm still stalking that necklace and it's out of stock :( I need it in my life, what do i do!?
    sorry this was so random :)