More on Rachel Whiting

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

As promised, here are some of the other beauties I found on Rachel Whiting's website.

I especially love the first picture of the home office. I was reading an article in The Times magazine on Saturday about how Generation zero are embracing minimalism. I think it's a brilliant idea - and I'm definitely not one for avid consumerism, but I do need and love having beautiful, inspiring, colourful and useful things around me. For me, it makes a house a home. I guess that's why I love that home office so much. How inspiring would it be to have a little corner of your home like that to devote to your hobbies and passions?


  1. Ahh!! I'm with you on this -- love, LOVE! Those teacups! The sweet minimalism!

  2. that 2nd bedroom is terrific!

  3. she is brilliant isnt she?! i so love her style